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World Class Poultry Facilities

southern style turkey grow out facilityWhether you are starting small, or implementing a large scale layer, broiler or turkey production facility, Central Confinement Service has a professional design that will satisfy your requirements.

Let our professionals at Central Confinement Service work with you and your team to develop a system that will maximize your investment and multiply your returns.

Facility design is a work in progress at Central Confinement Service. We know that what worked yesterday may not satisfy the specific requirements of your facilities today.

Sometimes we all feel that price is the most important part of a project. At Central Confinement Service, we learned early on that price and cost are two entirely separate items.

The price of the project is simply the dollars spent on the original project.

The true cost is the original price of the facilities plus the additional costs in maintenance, labor and lost or gained production over the life of a facility.

Our team at Central Confinement Service understands the relationship of price to cost and will do all we can to insure that the facilities you build today are designed to provide you with the least overall cost for the lifetime of your operation.

To accomplish this we start with a clean sheet of paper and design each project from the ground up.

Careful steps are taken to insure that we approach each project with your goals in mind.

Starting with that premise, we develop a facility using our keys to success formula:

  • Human Engineering
  • Animal Engineering
  • Durable Housing and Equipment

These key elements lead to success for your specific confinement needs!

Outstanding Consulting Services

southern style turkey grow out facility exteriorCentral Confinement Service can help take the bumps out of the road to project development and operations of your Animal Production. In today’s complex world nothing is ever as simple as it seems, and Central Confinement Services’ years of experience can help you through the steps necessary to insure a successful project. From the idea stage through post-construction, Central Confinement Service will help you in a professional way to the final result – the best value in livestock production facilities available today.

Exterior of Southern Style Turkey Grow Out

Pre-Project Planning:

  • Budgeting
  • Permitting
  • Facility Design
  • Site Selection Analysis

Construction Phase Service Options:

  • Complete Turn-Key Services
  • Construction Management Services
  • Project Scheduling
  • Post-Construction Services
  • Warranty Services
  • Scheduled Maintenance Services

The ultimate result will be an easily managed, maintained, durable and productive facility.

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