Your Design-Build Commercial Construction Contractor

When it comes to commercial construction experience counts, and for 40 years CCS has been the design-builder for a variety of projects, giving us a competitive advantage as seasoned professionals.

CCS leverages its diversification of project size and focus to meet our client’s expectations and budget.

These projects include several single and multi-story facilities, such as Commercial Office, Retail, Ag and Specialized buildings.

We provide our customers with tailored solutions and uniquely customized services.

Every step of the process – from concept to finish – we work with you to make sure your building is built exactly to your specifications!

CCS is certified licensed and bonded with an excellent safety record.

Our Team is Made of Engineering Professionals with cutting-edge experience, a Construction Team composed of seasoned professionals and Top Service Salesmen who will be accessible every step of the way.

Our Services Include:

· Financing Options

· Budgeting

· Drafting & Design

· Site Selection Analysis

· Facility Design

· Permit Consulting

· Complete Turn-Key Construction

· Construction Management Service

· Project Scheduling

· Post-Construction Service

· Warranty Service

· Scheduled Maintenance Service

And more!

Give us a call for a free consultation (800) 443-8305, or fill out the contact form.

Let’s get started on your next building project today!