CCS Webinar Series – Processing Facilities: Design & Construction

Did you attend the latest webinar on Processing Facilities?

CCS is dedicated to producer education and continued learning. The industry is always changing and there are many opportunities for growth. Our goal is to provide educational opportunities so you can grow your operation and/or investment. The most recent webinar was on Processing Facilities.

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Poultry Barn

Why Should I Build a Poultry Barn?

Have you been thinking about diversifying your operation? Poultry facilities are a great addition into your business and a great way to expand your operation. Here are some reasons why you may be considering adding poultry barns into their business. You may be:

  • Looking to expand your current operation to help a younger generation return back to the farm
  • Interested in the nutrient-dense manure from the chicken barns
  • Wanting to maximize your revenue per acre
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Why Should I Build a Hog Barn?

Are you thinking about adding a hog barn into your operation? There are many reasons why you may want to make this addition. Is it because you want to:

  • Diversify your operation
  • Create more opportunities for the next generation to return back to the farm
  • Utilize the manure nutrients to replace commercial fertilizer

All three of these are very viable reasons to look into adding a swine barn into your operation. A hog barn can last for 30-40 years and it is a great investment opportunity to grow your farm.

Bio Security

A New Way to Enhance Your Bio-Security

Central Confinement Services is excited to announce a new service that will improve the bio-security of your operation!

Save time and save dollars by decontaminating a 12 x 12 room in about one hour. By using UV light you can kill 99.9% of contaminates. This will keep you and your animals safe. 

CCS has developed a UV Light Bio-Security Solution that we can install in about a day.  Add this into your confinement operation to enhance your bio-security practices.

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