Central Confinement Service (CCS), Ltd. was founded in Columbus, Nebraska in 1982, by Mark Gearhart.  The company had humble beginnings with sales taking place out of the basement of the Gearhart home and manufacturing being accomplished in a small garage. The original investment in the company was $3,000.00, and the initial goal of the company was simple, “to offer our customers the best-built livestock confinement buildings available in the Midwest.”

The company grew rapidly on the reputation of being the highest quality builder in the confinement industry. In 1983, the office portion of our current operation was built on a 6-acre tract of land northwest of Columbus, Nebraska. Today, after numerous expansions CCS operates from this location that serves as office, manufacturing, and warehouse.

Growth continued each year, and CCS added new divisions of manufacturing, including the production of stainless steel components for facilities. CCS has diversified into stainless products and design, for the packing, food processing, and numerous other industries.

In 1998, CCS began to research the dairy industry. After 2 years of research and design, CCS entered the dairy design-built construction business with a contract in Wendell, ID for a 6000 cow facility and has built many custom dairy projects to date.

In 1999, overall sales at CCS placed us as one of the top companies in the U.S. that specialize in turn-key animal housing facilities.

In 2010, CCS entered the beef housing arena and has quickly become well respected in the design and construction of beef housing.

CCS continues to carry the reputation as the highest quality builder of animal agricultural facilities in the U.S. and looks forward to growth in both the U.S. and world markets, as demand for professional companies in the animal agricultural industry continues to grow into the 21st century.

Our goal remains simple: not to be the largest, but simply the best designer, builder, and manufacturer to the industries we serve. Understanding the importance of high-quality design, construction, and equipment makes CCS unique.