Beef Barn Specifications

This 68’ x 304’ Deep-Pit Beef Finishing Facility features a 12-foot deep-pit, high-capacity precast bunks, EasyFix rubber mats, and a power curtain. It has a capacity of 625 head. The barn was financed in part by Homestead Bank.

  • Size: 68’ x 304’ 
  • Capacity: 625 head
  • Main Features:
    • 68′ x 304′ Behlen Steel Building
    • 12′ Deep-Pit Poured by JNJ Construction
    • Electric Concrete Waterers
    • High Capacity Precast Bunks- The straight back feature allows for high volume capacity and easy clean out
    • EasyFix Rubber Mats
    • Concrete Slats- 7” thick, Removable Pump-Out Lid
    • Roll-O-Matic Power Curtain – 5 Hem, Electric
    • Interior and Exterior Drive Lanes

The barn is a steel building provided by Behlen Building Systems and erected by SIGNET. This structure has a gable roof system that allows the barn to be ventilated through an open ridge. A gable roof has two upwards sloping sides that meet each other at the top, or the ridge, of the building. An open ridge, when paired with extended eaves allows for natural and proper ventilation.

  • Building Information:
    • Primed structural frame, galvanized secondary
    • Galvalume Roof sheeting with Drip-X (Drip-X helps to control condensation)
    • 4’ Extended eaves
    • Commercial Overhead Door Company door with electric operator

The fencing and bunk installation was provided by Helms Fencing and Construction. 

  • Gating: 2-3/8” pipe, custom fabricated on site. All posts set in concrete
  • Bunkline – 2-3/8 pipe, 3-bar adjustable rail. Custom manger gates designed with rubber seals to contain all feed
  • The precast bunks paired with the custom manger gates allows for continuous feeding without having to stop the flow of feed between pens.

Kent will be a valuable asset to the Shonka’s for proper nutrition planning, and Nutrient Advisors will be their resource for manure management!

The following sponsors were featured at the Open House event for this barn:

  • Homestead Bank
  • JNJ Construction
  • EasyFix Livestock Comfort
  • Nutrient Advisors
  • Helms Construction & Fencing
  • AFAN (Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska)
  • Kent