Cattle Comfort in Livestock Housing is Top Priority!

Cattle comfort is the top priority in cattle confinement barns. The building is designed to maximize the animal’s comfort and performance.

Central Confinement Service’s Fabric-Covered Cattle Barns effectively maximize the comfort levels of cattle. Engineers that design CCS’s Cattle Barns study the best animal welfare principles, such as principles from Dr. Temple Grandin and Bud Williams, to design cattle housing and working facilities. Cattle perform the best in an environment that is consistent and comfortable. In a traditional outdoor feedlot, cattle can experience a 40° temperature difference everyday.  CCS cattle barns eliminate heat stress, mud, and poor ventilation, which all impact the cattle’s comfort and overall ability to perform. Cattle barns can solve many of the issues producers and their livestock are forced to deal with every single day with a traditional outside approach to raising cattle. 

The Advantages:

  • Heat Stress is almost eliminated with the shade and excellent ventilation
  • A Power Curtain will help limit the stressful elements that winter & summer storm events can bring
  • Slatted floors keep the cattle very clean and eliminate the stress and reduction of performance that outdoor facilities will have during wet muddy conditions
  • Rubber coated floors improve overall cattle comfort and greatly reduce foot/leg injuries
  • Pit aero mix technologies reduce ammonia/methane to give the cattle a very healthy atmosphere to perform in

The bottom line is that cattle comfort affects cattle performance. When you take care of your animals, they’ll take care of you. Livestock housing experts design the facilities to be top-notch for to ensure they take care of the animals.

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