Interested in Adding a Barn to Your Operation? Here’s how pricing estimates work…

When we think about adding into our operation, the number one question that pops into our heads is “How much will it cost?” It is in our nature to jump to this question first and here at CCS, we understand your thought process. That question is very hard to answer without some background information, so this article is to walk you through the information needed to provide a pricing estimate on a barn.

There are many factors that affect pricing of each individual build site. Here are a few:

  • Type of Facility
    • Livestock Species
    • Stage
    • Type of Barn
    • Number of Head
  • Dirt Work Needed
  • On-Site Utilities
  • Added Utilities
  • EPA Guidelines and Restrictions in Your Area
  • Geographical Location
  • And So Many More!
  • Design Complication – Fencing and Penning
  • Concrete

As you can tell, there are numerous different factors. Without knowing the answers to these questions, the price is almost impossible to estimate.