Pre-Season Heater Maintenance

Tips to Get Your Heaters Ready for the Winter Weather!

Cold weather is upon us and as you prepare your barns for the winter, we wanted to get you a few tips for Preseason Heater Maintenance! Kevin Rath from AP and CCS put together a list and a video of 5 tips to help your heater be in tip-top-shape for that first cold night.

  1. Clean Your Heater – Use an air compressor or a different tool (like a leaf blower) to clean the whole heater. Make sure to take the deflector off of the front to get the air blowing inside where the blower wheel is located.
  2. Light the Heater – First, you’ll need to experience airflow, so you know the heater is moving air before you apply any gas. Upon ignition (plugging it into an outlet or turning the temperature to a degree that will have the heater kick on), the blower should start operating. Next, listen for the sail switch to click. The heater will never light if that does not happen. Then, the igniter will show red inside the burner compartment. Finally, the gas valve will send gas to it, and it should ignite.
  3. Check the Flame Probe – It may corrode over the summer months and need to be cleaned. Steel wool or a wire brush will help remove the corrosion. A strong indicator that this is happening is the heater lights then goes out right away.
  4. Double Check the Wiring to make sure everything is powered up
  5. Check for Adequate Gas Flow – If the heater lights and it has a poor quality flame or if the fire is yellow instead of blue, you may need to call your gas provider to get adequate gas flow.

Those are a few suggestions to get you ready for those first really cold September or October nights!

Prefer to watch? Kevin shows all of the tips in the video below-