Turnkey Cattle Confinement Barns

The Benefits Cattle Confinement Facilities

The needs and designs of beef production facilities play an important role in a cattlemen’s operation. Not only does this impact what you do on a day to day basis, but it also affects every other aspect of your operation – labor, efficiency, and animal care.

At CCS, we understand the cattlemen. We know that your decisions are based on efficiency, animal comfort, and profits. High quality designs, construction and equipment are detrimental to your business. And we are grateful for the opportunity to design facilities that fit your operation’s needs.

Central Confinement Services

DESIGN PROCESS: Your facility can be designed as a bed pack or a deep pit building, and all the designs we offer are to compliment your operation.

CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU: CCS customizes the facilities and equipment to meet each producer’s individual production and financial requirements.

BUILT FOR DURABILITY: Our beef buildings are designed for durability, ease of maintenance, and efficiency.

Benefits of CCS Turnkey Cattle Confinement and Semi-Confinement Facilities

  • Manure value adds to the bottom line of your operation
  • Reduced stress and improved cattle comfort
  • Enhanced feed efficiency and average daily gain
  • More predictable market dates
  • Better labor efficiency to improve your bottom line
  • Ease and safety of cattle handling
  • Reduced mortality, especially during extreme weather conditions
  • Expansion of cattle feeding operation with a limited land investment
  • Instead of worrying about pasture availability, confinement allows expansion in a beef industry
  • Meets environmental requirements in a cost-effective manner due to manure containment

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