Why Should I Build a Poultry Barn?

Have you been thinking about diversifying your operation? Poultry facilities are a great addition into your business and a great way to expand your operation. Here are some reasons why you may be considering adding poultry barns into their business. You may be:

  • Looking to expand your current operation to help a younger generation return back to the farm
  • Interested in the nutrient-dense manure from the chicken barns
  • Wanting to maximize your revenue per acre

There are many other reasons why you may be wanting to add a poultry barn to your operation. No matter the reason, you may have a lot of questions about the barns, their return on investment, and things to consider when making the decision. We hope these Frequently Asked Questions will help!


What are the first steps in adding poultry barns into my operation?

Research says the first step is constructing the following plan to outline:

  • Site Location
  • Design & Construction of Equipment
  • Contract (Pre-Construction)
  • Labor Sourcing and Other Resources
  • Deciding on the Sector of the Industry You Want to Raise

All of these things are very important to include in your plan. The contractor you are working with will also know important steps to consider and have resources to help you prepare correctly.

What is the initial investment of a poultry barn?

While it does range due to location and contracts, a single unit will range anywhere from $200,000-$280,000. This includes site preparation, construction, electric work, plumbing, and equipment. It is important to consider that most contracts will want you to have more than one barn on your operation.

Are there different sectors to the poultry industry?

Yes! There are many different sectors to the poultry industry. This is an important decision to make when planning for your barns. The different sectors include:

  • Meat production
    • Broilers
  • Egg production
    • Layers
  • Poultry Feed Production
  • Chicken Breeding
    • Hatchery
  • Egg and Meat Processing
    • Processing Facility

There are many other sectors inside of these larger sectors, and that is something you can discuss with the company your contract is with. They will know what sector they have a need for and need to fill.

What diseases can poultry contract that I need to worry about?

Click here to see a resource provided by Mississippi State Extension about Diseases of Poultry.