Poultry Barn

Why Should I Build a Poultry Barn?

Have you been thinking about diversifying your operation? Poultry facilities are a great addition into your business and a great way to expand your operation. Here are some reasons why you may be considering adding poultry barns into their business. You may be:

  • Looking to expand your current operation to help a younger generation return back to the farm
  • Interested in the nutrient-dense manure from the chicken barns
  • Wanting to maximize your revenue per acre
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Why Should I Build a Hog Barn?

Are you thinking about adding a hog barn into your operation? There are many reasons why you may want to make this addition. Is it because you want to:

  • Diversify your operation
  • Create more opportunities for the next generation to return back to the farm
  • Utilize the manure nutrients to replace commercial fertilizer

All three of these are very viable reasons to look into adding a swine barn into your operation. A hog barn can last for 30-40 years and it is a great investment opportunity to grow your farm.

Bio Security

UV Light Solution to Enhance Your Biosecurity

Central Confinement Services is excited to announce a new service that will improve the bio-security of your operation!

Save time and save dollars by decontaminating a 12 x 12 room in about one hour. By using UV light you can kill 99.9% of contaminates. This will keep you and your animals safe. 

CCS has developed a modular UV Light Biosecurity Solution that we can install in about a day.  Add this into your confinement operation to enhance your biosecurity practices.

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